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First Impression

My first experience with the Oculus Quest was better than I imagined. As I opened the packaging of the headset, I realized the weight of it was quite heavy. It took a while for me to adjust the straps to feel comfortable enough to move around, but I still had to hold the headset with my hands once in a while to avoid it from sliding down my cheeks. Other than this minor issue, I was surprised by the quality of the sound, visuals, and its’ spatial recognition feature.

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In “Virtual Reality vs. (Actual) Reality: Your Mind’s View of Reality Isn’t Often “Real” article that Jim Blascovich wrote about how people inhabit virtual reality endogenously and exogenously, I started to think more in-depth about whether or not psychological immersion is correlated with virtual reality when interacting immersively.

I thought the author’s research with Cade McCall showed an interesting result about how humans think in the virtual world vs. the grounded world because from the experiment, as people get more immersed in the virtual world, it can stigmatize and change the perception of how they think in the grounded world as well. This kind of experiment reminded me of one of the episodes from Black Mirror, where two individuals get too immersed into the gaming virtual world that it affects their thought process and mindset in the grounded reality. …


Sally Lee

Product Designer | IDM NYU Tandon

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