| Rape Fantasies |

It’s 2016. Let’s have an open discussion about this.

My final major project is a film exploring rape fantasies and its fantasists, and understanding the line between rape fantasy and rape reality, from a woman’s point of view.

I am looking for people from all walks of life, experts, enthusiasts, fantasists, single and those in relationships, who are willing to contribute their thoughts to debate on this topic. I would love for this project to evolve to be more inclusive by approaching men, non-binary folks and the LGBTQ community, but it is first important for me to approach this from a woman’s POV.

Fantasies = the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.

· Are these fantasies harmful/less?

· Should you choose to act on your rape fantasy, is there a line between that and reality? How and where do you draw it?

· Does it contribute to rape culture and sexual objectification?

· BDSM plays a part. Submissive/Dominant aka Victim/Rapist.Those who play the submissive, is it then okay for those that have thoughts of playing the rapist in this fantasy?

I believe everyone has the right to enjoy and explore their bodies and sexualities without guilt, fear and the attachment to society and its stigmas. Some fantasies are embraced, others shamed. This project’s sole role is to push perceptions but not shock, address taboos and stereotypes but not offend. Rest assured there would be zero judgement.

Interested to be a part of this project? Contact me.