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We all know that the 2016 Presidential Election is one that will go down in history. It was a fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with *spoiler alert* businessman Donald Trump being elected as our 45th president. One might ask, “How in the world did we end up here?!” The answer is both simple and complicated: the electoral college. A simple separated number of votes per state turns into a complicated affect on the outcome on each election. The article that I chose to reply to is How the Electoral College Influences Campaign and Policy: The Probability of Being Florida by David Stromberg. In case you are unaware, Florida is a big swing state in the electoral college, meaning that depending on how many times a candidate chooses to visit a state, the college votes could go towards either party, causing MAJOR commotion. Stromberg includes all of the complicated math that goes into deciding the amount of votes that goes toward each state, how many times a candidate would have to visit certain states to persuade their votes to go in their direction, and so on. My response? This system should NOT be this important. We just had a president elected by this system, not by popular vote (which is so wrong, in my opinion), and it shouldn’t have this much of an impact over the people of America themselves. It’s like our voices are muted while this system does its thing. Not quite persuaded by my thinking? Read all about the Electoral College process in the source I read:

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