Social Media Training…Is It Worth It?

There is no doubt that social media is a crucial part of the workplace today. What started out as just a fun social platform for younger people has progressed into a main target market in basically every job industry. Nearly 90% of US companies are using Twitter and Facebook to promote themselves. A lot of jobs require workers to have the ability to use social media in a professional type way in order to engage with the target market. These workers are expected to already know how to do this. But what if they are not tech savy? This puts them behind their competitors for that job.

Nobody ever really thinks to teach how to use social media, but I think it is a great idea. Technology is growing, and people need the knowledge of correct social media usage to make it in their field. In my opinion, a course in social media skills should be required in all colleges. These employees need to know how to properly use media platforms in a professional way. Another fix to this issue is to have companies teach this skill to their employees when going through the training progress. Although it might take some profit from the company to construct this, they will most likely earn it back through the sales and earnings that will come when the employees learn how to operate the social media accounts properly.

Social media is a growing factor in today’s world and cannot be overlooked. It is crucial that our employees know the duties and guidelines needed to obtain the best social media platforms possible for their companies.

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