The Man Behind the Philadelphia Phillies Social Media

One of the most common ways for sports teams to promote themselves is through a social media team page. When it comes to professional sports, it takes a very smart, strategic person to lead this platform. Tim Stoeckel, a guest speaker in one of my classes at Drexel, is the official social media manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. He explained to us the skills required for his job, the hardships, the benefits and more. The Phillies most popular social media page right now is their Twitter page, and Tim is the man behind it. His job consists of tweeting live updates during games, replying to fans, tweeting new announcements about the players and much more. Some of the hardest parts of Tim’s job include trying to keep all fans happy, certain feedback given from different fans and abiding to the 140 character limit that Twitter allows for each tweet.

Tim is very good at what he does and is an all around cool guy. It was great meeting the guy behind the screen of one of the most famous sports social media pages, and it taught me a lot. Most of the time, people just tweet their thoughts and opinions on things, without really giving any thought to who that tweet may offend or what it can potentially do. Tim made me realize how important it is to handle myself in an appropriate way on my professional social media accounts. This is extremely important to me, considering I have just begun my journey into professional social media pages.

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