How to bring success to your Small business on Social Media

Do not expect once you start using social media in your business plan that you will see any difference in your sales or profits. Not in one month, three months or even in a year.

Social media takes time and consistensy. Stay patient and work on them. Dont feel bad if there is no ROI right away.

Firstly, focus on getting the best image of your business out there and stay consistently active.

Once you have your brand image and you feel that your business is projecting the messages that you want then focus on finding your prospects or your target market.

Search for people to see who is interested on your products, do not just be everywhere without a map. Find where your prospect clients are, on which platform, on what group, on what hashtag and engage with them. Start a conversation, offer some value, answer some questions. Dont ask for anything in return, just point them to your business and what it has to offer.

Have a content ready for them to see. Videos, podcasts, photos, special offers, knowledge, how to’s etc.

Then, watch carefully, observe, undestand what they like or not, analyze data and behaviour and go for the THANK YOU.

Start building relationships. When you see someone who just followed you, or liked your page/ photo or clicked on you post just say thank you. Give “likes” back, add them on facebook with your personal profile or follow back on twitter. See who they are and talk to them. Just talk, dont ask. Show interest that you want to know who they are, what are their interests, jobs etc.

Let them know, that you are their for them when they need anything. BUT truly mean it and be ready to give what you promised! That is how you build relationships on social media.

Do that for a year and see the difference. When they visit your business, you know them , they know you. They notice you know them,They will prefer you, they trust you more than the other business!

The effect of word of mouth will start working, wait patiently while working on your business and success will come without knowing.

The ROI will be visible and you will know that your efforts have paid off! Do not wait for the numbers of likes on your pages or followers on other platforms. Create depth and treat every prospect client equally as special and do not discriminate!

To your success
George Panayiotou