I’ve noticed it’s usually the embarrassing moments or those that hurt/scared us in some way that…

Yeah, maybe it makes more impact because it’s something that instinctively helps us survive? I wish I knew.

Imagine if the memories that stick from childhood were the warm and fuzzy ones that reassure us that we are safe and loved… would the world have lesser issues?

One of my earliest memories was of a neighbor threatening to chase me around the Filipino compound when we lived in Dubai. They teach the kids to speak in our native tongue and I can’t pronounce the rolling Rs that features heavily in Filipino. As an adult, I met a friend who is also a speech therapist and he observed there is no physical cause that I can’t produce that sound. It could be childhood trauma and decades of conscious avoidance that makes me unable to roll my Rs at this point. If that crazy neighbor never scared me enough to avoid trying in the first place, I could have gotten over it myself.

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