Avoid These 3 SEO MISTAKES & Get Huge Organic Traffic

SEO has become a buzzword in the world of blogging. So I wanna make you aware of this.

A Hopeless Blogger after Doing the SEO Mistakes

From my past many years of experience, I’ve seen that most new bloggers do (even I did too) these 3 SEO mistakes that ruin their blogging career.

Their dream of becoming a great blogger fades away doing these mistakes. So I’m gonna mention the mistakes here -

  1. Selecting no keywords
  2. Focusing only on long-tail keywords
  3. Fighting with high-competitive keywords

Most newbie bloggers write blog posts without targeting any keyword. If they target keywords, the only focus on long-tail keywords. To maintain certain level of keyword density, they make their blog posts crap by using the long-tail keywords again & again.

Another bad practice of SEO is involved with not analyzing a keyword’s competitiveness. You can hardly expect to rank well with a high-competitive keyword.

So avoid the 3 SEO mistakes & be a successful blogger. Here’s an SEO training which can make you much knowledgeable about SEO. Wish you good luck.