Oy! Still haven’t made any attempt to figure out how this site works. Just in overwhelming, emphatic love with everything I know about it. I am smoking a clove right now. Still more or less social media free. But hopelessly addicted to change smoking, binge reading comics, subconsciously attempting to merge the sub with the con and perfectly at an odd sense of ease with everything

I won’t swear on anything that means something to me whether prayer actually works but I said one at a point not too long ago which more or less true. Over thinking the possible consequences a bit too much but I’m trying to enjoy the ride. Listening to gin blossoms.(Are dues necessary to be paid before you use a specific name of something well known and can get messy in laws and copyrights when you start blogging seriously for the first time ever?)

I was afraid that I would crash and burn mentally when the long awaited return of Twin Peaks finally was no longer awaited and was actually here. In a sense the opposite happened. Figured I’d be depressed but I’m slightly manic definitely in a heightened state of mood. I try to stretch the viewing of episodes throughout the night so I can savor them. Pause at certain times right before they get to a part where something might happen and take a 15 to an hour break out in my patio sipping a cup of coffee that I constantly reheat originally made in a French press play games and meditate in a sense. I once worshipped at the alter of the maestros feet. Nowadays I more or less still do but in a way he might slightly be offended by but definitely in my own way.

And that’s about that. If anyone is able to view this yet post a comment or like. Too bad there isn’t a dislike or highly pretentious remark to select am I right? Or am I right? A little self deprecating humor for yall.

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