Motivation, Effort, and Commitment

A short visual into what I have been up to

Part 1: My Life In 100 Words…

“Keep going!” my mom would scream in Polish, as she let go of my bicycle seat.

“Are you still holding on?” I yelled back, my voice filled with fear.

“Yes I am,” my mom lied as she knew what had just happened. “Keep going!”

This is not a picture of me and my mom, just a symbolizer | Source:

After all the times I had fallen off of my bicycle, cried, and whined, my parents were there to push me to continue. This is what happened all throughout my life.

If I thought I was a failure my mom and dad always told me never to give up, but try again… and I always did.

Part 2: Graphing My Life…

This is what I do outside of school
These are some of the things that I am worried about

Part 3: Music That Moves Me…

At the end of my 8th grade graduation my Principal, who just got to know the class for the span of one year, played this song. The whole class, all nine of us, were moved. The song is about sticking to your roots, and not changing for the worse. I graduated from a small Catholic school, Saint Zachary, and this is one of the many things that they tried to embed in us.

Part 4: Picture Of Me On A Typical Friday Night At 9:00 p.m…

Almost every Friday, my friend Sean and I play a video game called Counter Strike Global Offensive. We constantly laugh at the bad plays we make, but congratulate each other when we do well, but altogether have a great time.

We usually stay up to 12:00 in the morning playing. Silencing my laughter so that I don’t wake up the rest of my family.

Part 5: A Vine of a Typical Morning of Mine…

What I usually do in the mornings

Part 6: Famous People That I Admire…

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William Henry “Bill” Gates III is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and programmer. He mostly known for his work in co-founding Microsoft, which became the biggest PC software company. I admire his hard work, and because I’m a Microsoft fan.

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Although I do not play on the right wing in soccer, I do admire Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi because he was not from a wealthy family, but he used his talent to get out of the situation his family and he was in. Messi is an Argentine professional footballer, or soccer player, who plays for the Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Argentine National Team.

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Pope Francis is the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. I admire him because despite all the horrible events occurring in the world today, he still does not stop spreading love and happiness.

Part 7: A Quote That I Live By…

I try to do as many things as I can. I live by the quote

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

because I think it’s important to go out and try new things every day.