Clock Boys escape to Qatar

Ahmed was a shooting Star. About a year ago the nation was introduced to Ahmed Muhammed, who captivated us with his charm, wit and intelligence. The circumstances were unusual, 14 years old and arrested for making a clock which school officials suspected may have been a bomb. It was a strange clock design, and the public never figured out what happened with the clock. But like Elian Gonzalez before him, Ahmed rose straight to fame. Offers to visit Celebrities flew in, Ahmed visited the White, had a jam session with Ringo Starr and received full scholarships to MIT, Harvard, Yale and University of Phoenix. Ahmed certainly had his 15 minutes, and many wondered if what was gold here could stay.

But something wrong was afoot the whole time. During Ahmed’s 15 month Press tour post arrest, we heard little from the star himself. Few statements from Ahmed about the incident are even on record. Many questions still surround the incident but some think they have found the answers. You may have heard the theory his incident was faked by elements within our own Government. When you look at his incredibly fast rise to fame and the issues surrounding his arrest, is it really so hard to believe? Ahmed was not charged with a crime, his clock was not handled by bomb squad, and cameras were there the whole time? The President tweeted his support for Ahmed the next day, proving the Government was indeed in on the whole incident.

So why was the incident faked, what did the Government gain of Ahmed’s Stardom? Well firstly the ability to push anti gun laws, and harsh ones that don’t allow regular hard working people to have guns. The Obama administration used Ahmed, a trained spy, to infiltrate the school and look like a regular student. It was believed that his muslim ancestry would make him more sympathetic to America’s population who falsely believe prejudice still exists in the United States. Ahmed was embraced by the public, but the media would have you believe their are haters out there.

Not exposed to the public yet, why is Ahmed running to Qatar? Did he know his facade would catch up to him, was he trying to extend his 15 minutes before they were almost up? Ahmed is running from the Government who made him famous because he knows soon, they are coming to get him. While Ahmed had been asked to make a fake bomb to get fake arrested in school, his clock briefcase bomb would surely fit that bill. But what if the “clock” really was a bomb?

Well that’s exactly what it was. Ahmed, a trained assassin for hire, had no loyalty to the United States. What better guise to build a real bomb when the Government hired you to make a fake one? With an open tab from the secret service, Ahmed stocked up on bomb making materials. He would work on his project at home and in school, plotting to ruin the Obama’s Administrations plans and get revenge against America. Thankfully, his plan was foiled, this is why Ahmed was arrested before the Science fair.

While Ahmed is crafty, there was no way out of this one. Surrounded by Secret Service agents day and night, he had no room to breathe on his own. Ahmed was propped up like Uncle Bernie to help push Obama’s agenda, but he really never had any say himself. He became an empty shell of a man, lost in the cell pool of American Politics.

Reprieve came in the form of an full scholarship from The Qatar department of Education. Ahmed was given the opportunity for a fresh start in a new country. With the Government ready to nail him at any moment for probable Terrorism, this was the obvious move for Ahmed. Despite Qatars fascist politics and Atheist dictator, Ahmed chose to leave the good old USA and Fame behind. Good riddance, but be warned Ahmed, don’t cross America again, the President always gets what he wants.

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