Leadership in Confronting Capitalism

The competition on twitter to build a well followed, trust worthy political brand often feels like America’s next top Marxist. Sure we all want to fuck Socialism, but it’s important to make gentle love and build trust first. Many people have been attracted to Socialist policies purely because they’re popular or the “all our friends are doing it” mentality. Others have joined for the sole purpose of hooking up with like minded individuals, only to find out they only had the hook-up part in common.

The communist party couldn’t be any more of a mess with the recent influx of confused Millenials, often looking to belong rather than adopting the ideology. It’s time’s like these we need strong leaders to separate the real from the fake, the Proletariat from the Bourgeois, and guide a new generations of communists to political influence, follows and retweets.

The new Socialist movement needs a strong experience leader, one well jaded from years of defending what many once saw as a lost cause. One comfortable with justifying Stalin’s iron fist ruling style, one who considers Mao’s cultural revolution a success. A by the book Leninist, not a half way Marxist. Now is not the time to get cute, now is the time to fight and break the chains of the ruling class. The person to guide us has faithfully been there all along, and that person is Red Kahina.

In the past year, there seems to have been a strong resistance to RK’s brand of Socialism. A full expressed communist for decades, she has more years of experience than all of her haters. Those new to the movement, coming with soft demand of Democratic Socialism need to step aside and let RK do her work. While they’re online “protesting”, Red Kahina is snapping the necks of the Ruling Class. With more power and support behind her she will accomplish all the junior Socialists want in half the time. Some complain about her d0xing, but that is ridiculous, as RK usually follows the golden rule of d0xing: It’s bad if it happens to someone you like and good if it happens to someone you don’t. Everyone is d0xing in 2017, get over it or get out of the movement fake socialists.

The fact is the petty squabbles need to stop for the movement to be successful. The movement can’t be successful without a strong cable leader. That leader, like it or not, is Red Kahina. Get behind her or get out, because she is leading this revolution. Deal with it. The only way really achieve true socialism is to go full communist. Red Kahina has been a communist leader to years, ready to lead all socialists into a new successful age. The fact is a socialist utopia can only be accomplished under Kahina’s leadership, so everyone must support her. Plus I heard she has nice cans, sorry if this offends.