Smashing Fit to Bits

It’s 2016 and you may be surprised to see so many people wearing watches. While these watches have somewhat cool displays, they are made of a cheap plastic and you have to wonder why people wear them. Perhaps you are more in tune with pop culture and have known about the “Fit bit” . Fit Bit to put it simple supposedly counts the steps you take in a day. This way you can keep track of how far you have walked you take and make sure you are getting good exercise right? Very wrong.
 First of all, this machine is ableist as hell for being only designated for walkers, like thats some kind of great exercise. Even my grandma walks 1000s of steps a day and she could die any second. The people who do walk, walk almost every day and take hundreds of thousands of steps. You probably did this yesterday. But with Fit Bit it counts your walk, giving the person an inflated sense of self worth and the impression that they “exercised” while doing the same thing they do everyday. Only in American Society do people need instant gratification for something like walking that should be a thoughtless necessity for most. 
 Also, mathematics is incredibly important, why don’t people just count their own steps? Is it because they are lazy? You can get a counted step out of shaking your hand with a fit bit yet people would still rather blindly trust a machine to tell them. Anybody who buys a fit bit is now less smart for buying them. Also, if the cell phone killed the watch, why was the watch brought back for a process that could be easily replicated by a smart phone?
 All this underscored by the fact it’s most likely a government surveillance device. Know who else is keeping track of your steps? Wake up Sheeple!