Sports Smockery — Patrick Cain

Today Bufflo Reportor Tim Gramm wrote a totally bullshit piece about everyone’s favorite hockey player for the CHicago Blackhawks. Here’s the thing Tim, we don’t know anything about this girl. For all we know, she raped him! Think about that!

Now here’s the thing about rappe — you gotta. hear. both. sides. And that’s what Patrick Cain isn’t getting because of all these libral sports writors like Tim Gramm in Bufflo, which I might add is where a crappy team resides that has a bit of a bone to pick with the best team in hockey, Chicago Blackawks.

Patrick Cain is accused of a horrible crime. But think about it — he’s really good at hockey. A lotta people in Chicago really like him. Is it more likely that he rapped a girl becuase of a feeling of self-entitlement he has after spending his entire life being fawned over by scouts, coaches and parents and never having to answer for anything he did ever? Or is it more likely that this girl rapped HIM for his money and the Stan Lee Cup? Think about it.

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