A day at Google!

Spending a day at Google is every programmer’s dream. Working at Google is beyond that.

As I done a great job of volunteering at “DevFest 2016", the Organiser of GDG (Google Developers Group) Madurai, Mr. Senthil Kumar has offered us to get visit the Google campus at Bangalore, India.

The volunteering team consist of around 10 peoples who were mostly of students pursuing Bachelor’s. We got excited to meet Googlers!

On December 30, 2016 at around 2 PM, we entered RMZ Infinity building premises. It consist of lots of offices and shops. we got into the first level which has the Google office by the help of elevator. we exclaimed with joy and took our phones out from our packet to take photos when the elevator door opened. Suddenly, two persons came from the stairs and instructed us to not to take any photograph. They wore ID card and we paid an closer attention to it, we found that they were Googlers!

The office area covers 3 Floors in the building and we landed at the reception. we’re received by Manoranjan Padhy who is the Community Manager of Google. We’re given an Guest ID card (tag) to enter the office.

Google Guest!

As we entered the working space of Google, i found that it’s different from other office workspaces as i first thing i saw when we moved from reception to the workspace was an Mini Kitchen (most probably Full kitchen) where it has an shelf with full of jars that filled wth different variety of cookies. My mouth watered on seeing it.

We moved past the kitchen and headed to conference room. Paul Ravindranath and Jadeja Dushyant received us at conference room. we gathered there to know about us and them. All the person in that room were on cloud nine. They asked what we do and gave us great ideas on what we need to do.

As usual I asked an funny question to Paul, “Do the Googlers does google search when they got any errors?” their reply was really suprising and impressing. They replied “It proves that we all are humans”.

Then we took the tour around the Google. The workspace don’t have desks but filled with Bean bags, Biliards, Table Tennis, Game Centre, Mini Cricket and an Electronic section where it holds laptops for Googlers who forgot to bring their laptops. The office has an separate elevator and staircase for their use.

At the end , we’re left at the reception to finish our tour. we took a group photo and it was truly an memerable moment.

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