It’s well known that PHP is a dead programming language and that its 22-year-old ecosystem is effectively useless now that we have Node and its fancy new asynchronous frameworks.
$PHP = 💩;
Simon Yousoufov

Had I not read the entire article — esp the conclusion…this would have been my response.


That is just the most overrated statement i’ve heard so far.

Facebook still uses PHP but it has built a compiler for it so it can be turned into native code. BTW — that compiler is open source and you can use it too.

Wordpress, which powers 24% of the internet is still on PHP and does not plan to move. The API of Wordpress is rest based and still coded in PHP.

I have developed in C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, even foxpro (which is ancient) and QBasic — and here is what you learn — nothing is a dead programming language.

Core banking still runs on tech like AS400.

NodeJs is a fancy new way to implement data transfer, but you cannot compare it to the power of Python or PHP.

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