If you want a crash course in modern extremist ideologies, look no further than TikTok. The social media platform, known for its kid-friendly content, is a ripe environment for youth radicalization, exploitation, and indoctrination.

TikTok, we have a problem | Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

The underbelly of TikTok found its way onto my iPhone several days ago when I had accidentally stumbled upon a nefarious hashtag. I discovered videos of young men, heavily armed and clothed in tactical gear, dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove.” The Hawaiian shirts signal membership to the Boogaloo Movement. …

I want to tell you about my experiences with online harassment so that you can better understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of this type of abuse.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

The first time I experienced online harassment was in my early 20s following a toxic breakup. For years, I had to show up to court to report no contact order violations and renew restraining orders.

Websites and blogs were made in my name. Photos were taken outside my home and posted online. I received cryptic emails.

I stayed in an entry-level job for far too long because I didn’t…

Filling out a Twitter profile, learning to tweet, and connecting with other scholars might seem overwhelming as a new user, but I’m here to guide you through the process.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

In this article, I will share tips that were developed from years of teaching and from my experiences with conducting social media workshops and seminars around the world for students, academics, and professionals in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM). I originally shared these ideas as a “tweetorial,” but this article expands further on what I had shared last year.

My goal in writing this article is to help you…

Sarah Mojarad

Educator | Digital Communication Specialist | Public Speaker

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