A Beginner’s Guide to Joining Academic Twitter

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash
Select a username that is timeless
Update: Twitter is verifying the accounts of COVID19 experts. Nonetheless, this advice still applies.
Consistency with profile photos is best
Don’t hide behind sunglasses or hats! Use an image that shows your full face.
Include important details in your bio
Don’t stress! Put something down and edit as needed.
Make small tweaks to the information as needed. Here are two recent versions of my Twitter bio
It’s interesting to read this tweet a year later. Some “rules” remain while others have changed.
I still stick to all of the “personal rules” in this tweet!
A shortlist of high value follows
You don’t need to follow everyone at once
Use this tweet as a basic framework for your first post
Using appropriate hashtags will help the right people find your message
He has a specific style and approach to tweeting
Topol tweet
Which one of these examples is easiest on the eyes?
You can add # to any word to create a hashtag, but it’s a skill to use the right ones for your intended audience.
Get creative! Make your own hashtags
A snippet of a Twitter thread
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Sarah Mojarad

Sarah Mojarad

Educator | Digital Communication Specialist | Public Speaker