Cleaning A Pipe Tobacco

Love and care are what everyone desires, and so does your tobacco pipe. Your pipe will lose its taste and glory if it’s not treated well. Neglecting your precious pipe will turn it soggy and will ruin the flavor of your luxurious smoke. You can even feel a bitter or sour taste as a result of tar formation. As a newbie, know to clean your pipe from the very first smoke.

Cleaning a pipe tobacco requires a few basic accessories. Pipe cleaners, pipe reamers, cleaning alcohol or pipe sweetener, pipe tool, a soft piece of cloth, and wax. You can purchase them from the renowned store, Smokers Outlet Online. Continue reading to learn the tricks to enjoying a rich and smooth smoke with a clean pipe.

The Stem

Did you know that the stem is the part that goes into your mouth? Isn’t it icky to put an unclean item in your mouth? Undoubtedly yes. All you need to do is slide a pipe cleaner through your pipe stem after each smoke. This will help remove any disposition (tar or soot) from the reed. Dip a pipe cleaner in mild alcohol and run that through your pipe, followed by a dry pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner might turn black or brown. Continue the procedure until your cleaner comes out as inserted. Use a final dry cleaner to ensure no moisture is left in the stem. Your pipe will acquire a sweet taste when it dries up. Make sure not to spill alcohol on the pipe’s outer surface, as this will damage the texture.

The Bowl

After a pipe is smoked for few times, it accumulates a layer of burnt tobacco in the bowl generally called the “cake”. A little cake acts as an insulator that prevents the bowl from burning. But when it becomes significantly thick, the capacity of the bowl decreases. This will also cause the bowl to crack. Keep your cake maximum up to 1.5 mm. Reduce the extra formation by using a reamer. Go steady and slow to neatly shave the cake but avoid damaging your precious pipe. Carefully read through the instructions to use your reamer before you start.

Polish the exterior of your pipe with a little beeswax on a piece of dry cloth if you feel it’s lost its luster. Never use water or alcohol to clean the outer part. You can use a pipe cleaner to cleanse the airways in the shank. Follow the same procedure as you do to clean the stem.

Your pipe will speak a lot of your personality so make sure to keep your smoke clean and new.

P.S Remember to cool down your tobacco pipe before you start cleaning. Never remove the stem from the bowl when hot. This will loosen the fitting of the pipe