Terrible mythology!

Mythology is fraught with a lot of monsters-they were an integral part of human culture from the earliest times.Modernity has already vampires who sparkle in the sun and werewolves, experiencing conflicting emotions.In the days of our ancestors were created, probably one of the scariest monsters. Therefore, we present to you the ten monsters of ancient mythology with whom you would definitely would not want to encounter.

Laestrygonians (Greek mythology)

If you ever read Homer’s Odyssey, you know about these terrible creatures. For those of you who have not read the Odyssey, we will describe them in three words. Unfriendly. Cannibals. Giants. Not those with whom you want to encounter in a dark alley.

According to the legend lived on the island Laestrygonians Lamos, in a city called Telepylos. When the hero Odysseus arrives at Lamos, his fleet is filled with boulders, and when he comes into the harbor, three of his scouts eat in the survey of the city. When they try to swim away, then, you guessed it, Laestrygonians begin to throw stones at their vehicles. Oh yeah, some people are pushed onto the Odyssey spears. It is difficult to say what fate worse …

Dybbuk (Jewish mythology)

Dybbuk is the Jewish version of the demon in their myths. If you think that an ordinary demon is bad, much worse Dybbuk. Being seizes the soul of good, honest people and cause destruction and havoc wherever it appeared.

By itself, Dybbuk is a broken soul, desperate to find something for their own support. But there never knows what is going on and can only cause confusion. Unlike other monsters in this list, from Dybbuk no physical form, which can make you even more sorry for the poor thing. Well, it is if you can feel sorry for the broken soul, killing people inside.

Nachzehrer (German mythology)

In an age when the centuries-old vampires experiencing teenage existential anxiety and blood thirst, in addition to all their problems, well, when there is a refreshing change in a family of vampires — nachzehrer. A strange mixture of vampire and ghoul nachzehrer a monster sucking the soul, which is endemic in the northern regions of Germany (another place that you can delete from your list of travel). Nachzehrer rises from the grave to devour their own relatives. Nachzehrer can also kill you, playing the church bells, the sound of which brings death to anyone who hears it. It can also kill you, forcing you to face his shadow. It’s just sounds terrible sparkling teens.

Gugalanna (Sumerian mythology)

The days of our ancestors were filled with numerous epics — the great poems and tales of mighty heroes and kings. One of these epics was the Epic of Gilgamesh, which tells of a monster who broke through the heavens, killed thousands of people and was stopped only when the city came Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

The fact that this monster was a god who is familiar to us as a sign of “Taurus” of the Zodiac. Why he broke through the sky, and destroyed thousands of people? This happened because the great king Gilgamesh refused the advances of the goddess Inanna, so she sent a monstrous god to kill him. The myths of the reasons behind the actions can be surprisingly simple.

Ichneumon (Medieval mythology)

Although technically mongooses are not monsters (if you have them, of course, not riled), with their mythological analogy is not so simple and it is not too sweet. According to legend, ichneumon is the only true enemy of the dragon, whose cunning and wisdom matched his harsh power and anger, and made him the most famous monster in Europe.

So how do ichneumon could defeat the dragon, the reputation of which conjures up images of girls, burning villages and mountains of gold? He crept into it, of course! Ichneumon covered themselves with mud, and (depending on the medieval source you read) crept into the dragon (or some unlucky crocodile) through the nostrils and gnaw the inside. Not very glamorous, but how effective!

Strigoi (Romanian mythology)

Romania is well known for its vampires, especially the infamous Count Dracula, but it is also the country where there was a myth about the creature that may be the grandfather of vampire stories — Striga. Alone his name shudder, does not it?

Strigoi is a martyr’s soul, which rises from the grave and ready to devour your blood and roam the earth again. Strigoi can also become invisible and turn into an animal. Strigoi, as creatures of demonic origin, so afraid of Romania, even in our days there are cases where the graves excavated to remove the threat of vampires.

Were-Tiger (Chinese mythology)

Of course, we’ve all heard about werewolves, wolves, but the werewolf-tiger sounds much more interesting, does not it? According to legend, in order to become a werewolf, a tiger, you have to suffer from the curse of the unique, passed down from generation to generation, or just very angry ancient spirit.

In other myths, it says that, like all other races except the Chinese, in fact, were the animals that in the mists of forgotten who they were, and that the Tigers were one of them. According to yet another myth, in order to rise from the grave of a werewolf, a tiger, you need to kill the tiger. Regardless of how it is being displayed, it is not something that you would like to meet, lost in the jungle of the Chinese.

Dames Blanches(French mythology)

Despite the fact that they are not in fact monsters, White ladies were not the friendliest creatures, which can be found on the bridge. Literally. They were beautiful women in white, who met handsome young men who tried to cross the bridge. If this gentleman was crossing her bridge, she invited him to dance. If he agreed, she missed him with a smile and never showed his dark side.

When he refused, she could throw him off a bridge, or order the goblins, owls, cats and creatures like them, make fun of him for some time. Apparently they did not like to be rejected …

Black Annis (English mythology)

Another witch Black Annis is the British equivalent of Russian Baba Yaga. Malicious creature with blue skin, she wandered around Leicestershire, Great Britain (not the scary-sounding place in the world, but when you are a monstrous witch, you have few options) and enjoyed a menu of lambs and kids. If she caught the child, she took off his skin and carried her around the waist.

Her home was a cave called “Housing Black Annis» (Black Annis’s Bower), which she cut into the rock for its iron claws, and parents forced children to behave well, telling them that Black Annis will come and will take them if they are disobedient. Perhaps an hour of standing in the corner was not sufficient punishment for the children of the 19th century.

Kashchei Immortal (Slavic mythology)

And here we come to the first place or to the monster, which you least want to meet. Kashchei Immortal is a classic mythological villain who steals the wife of the hero, trying to get it, but, ultimately, can not, because he Thief, sadist, and quite disgusting. Due to the fact that he can not die, nobody can kill … is not it?

Well, actually there is such a method: you have to destroy his soul. Unfortunately, the hero, he put his soul in the form of needles. The needle is inside the egg, which is located in the weft, which, in turn, sits in a hare. Sam Hare hidden in an iron box, which is buried under an oak tree growing on the mystical island of Buyan, the house three winds. This is not a trip for the bread.
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