The best and highly paid job in the world

In this topic, we will focus on the best, interesting and well-paid job in the world!

The caretaker on a tropical island

The Briton won the competition for the “best job in the world”, which had a government of the Australian state of Queensland, and was appointed as the caretaker of a tropical island in Australia for 6 months.

34-year-old Ben Southall, a member of a charitable organization in Petersfield, was selected from 34,000 applicants.

The new work will be in the fact that the British will to live on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, a blog about the events taking place there, post a photo and video reports, and rarely give interviews.

Australian authorities have come up with the competition in the framework of the state program to support tourism, which is going through difficult times in the era of global crisis.

Southall was chosen from among 16 finalists for his new job, he will get 150 thousand. Australian dollars ($ 110,000). The ceremony took place at a colorful ceremony in Queensland, which was broadcast in real time. Now the Briton will have to prepare for the challenges of living alone on the beautiful island, BBC reported. In addition to salaries, the superintendent of the island relies house with three bedrooms, swimming pool and golf course. In the description of the new position states that the superintendent “shall explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, scuba dive, make friends with the locals and enjoy the tropical climate and lifestyle in Queensland.”

The choice fell on the 34-year-old Briton, after a rigorous selection process, which included diving, barbecue and spa treatments. Finalists also showed their skills in the conduct of on-line diaries, and found himself in an interview.

The Ministry of Tourism Queensland has launched a campaign to promote the program in January, but that it wants to participate in so many people, it was a surprise for the organizers. The competition was the people of almost all countries of the world, except for North Korea and some African countries.

Tester luxurious beds

At 22 year old student from the University of Birmingham is probably the best job in the world. She earns a living by falling asleep at the luxurious bedding.

Roslyn Median, 22 years old, earns 1000 euros testing designer beds Savoir Beds.

Tester pipes for water rides.

This position was Tommy Lynch. He was not a dusty job it is to ride in a new water pipe and talk about their feelings. In one year, Tom traveled almost all over the world — Mexico, Egypt, Cyprus. In this profession, you must have a large stock of heats, and probably wiped panties and butt hurts from those of Catania. That’s just something wrong. Surely no one of the attractions of the park staff can not by itself to test the new hill?

Quality Controller brothels

Jamie Reskon used to be a simple DJs who sometimes get involved in wrangles that would make ends meet. But now his job is just fantastic work: it tests the quality of brothels staff

I do not quite understand how he got to this work, but the fact is that it ….. the ladies and make its verdict: whether it is correct to move her hips, there were significant her moans, etc. The truth is hard work and it can be a year “test the” all 70 ladies.

Taster Wine and blogger.

Hardy Wallace pay 10 000 dollars a month for what he is testing wine and sharing his experiences and impressions on Twitter and Facebook network. Yes, and for half a year contract he signed.

Taster sweets

12 year olds Gary Uillsher incredibly lucky when he got the job, which many children can only dream of — a taster of sweets! He is the chief taster at the candy factory. Harry’s work is to test the secret recipes. He got the job after winning a competition Swizzell’s Matlow. He amazed the judges describing the taste and smell of your favorite sweets. Maybe this is not the best job, but really the sweetest.

WOW tester.

Do you play WOW? Do you play well with him? If you can pump up to level 80 players for two weeks and earn much out there (many) golden. Then apply for a job the dream of more than 12 million WOW players. Indeed in Bizzard have several jobs for beta testers, which even at the site said. So please apply, and suddenly you’re lucky.

Basically there is the selection of non-English speaking testers. So what if your native language is not English, then go ahead!)

Director of Fun

6-year-old boy who wanted to become director of the National Railway Museum landed a job as director of a fun. Ambitious boy got a job after his proposal to replace the previous director Muzyaev. Sam wrote a letter that Peytmon byego took a job in which he wrote: “I want to become director of the National Railway Museum. I was only 6 years old, but I think I can do this job. I have a model railway and at the same time I can control two trains. “ The staff was so impressed with Sem, which took him to the post of Director of the Amusing and he said he would do everything to the museum was the best for children Activity.

Photographer RV from Google map.

Google hired two young men to travel to France on non-speed tricycle, with a view to take a picture of historical places which are not accessible by car. This three-wheeled miracle of technology is equipped with 9 cameras, GPS, a computer and a generator. All this tricky stuffing is needed to create a three-dimensional image on a google map.

The children are dressed in T-shirts with the logo of Goole and white helmets. Attend they are famous places such as the Palace of Versailles, the Luxembourg Gardens, etc.

Tester condoms.

Sam White Marketing Manager Durex hiring Australians over the age of 18 years, which can act as testers one of 200 types of condoms produced by the company. Participation is not paid. But those who fall in the number of “elite” will give the opportunity to choose up to 60 $ the company’s products, which they have to submit a report after the “test”. One of the 200-hundred lucky people will win a bonus of $ 1,000.

Unfortunately closed set of testers.