Is it a good time to sell your home after the Fed rate hike?

There are several posts about buying options. The discussion pertains to mortgage rates and monthly payments. The new administration is yet to undertake action that will sustain the momentum in the economy. There is no doubt that housing will continue to be a critical driver of the economy in the next 24 months.

There are two scenarios likely to play out. First, if you are a buyer; as the economy gets stronger which it should with the expected lowering of corporate taxes, more American companies will begin manufacturing leading to job growth which will sustain wage increases as the first time home buyers start to get serious. Property prices have already begun to move upwards particularly in San Francisco and California. The Easy is likely to follow suit. Homes will cost more than they do now.

Tips for selling your home

If you are a seller; because you need to upgrade or your family is becoming bigger the timing is just right. However, if you were to make a few changes in the matter of maintenance your home will fetch a better price. Get your basement in excellent nick, paint the house, and check that all appliances are in working order, give the bathroom an acid wash and you are ready to go. Remember a well-maintained home offers a pleasant first impression. You do not have to settle for less during the negotiation.

Scott Smolen from Maryland has the following advice to sellers of homes. You are a buyer first before you sell as you firm the decisions on your next purchase. The same market conditions apply to you. By concentrating on your existing house and executing pending maintenance works your insights on the next purchase will be that much sharper. If by chance the seller of your next purchase is lax in maintenance you can come out a winner during price negotiations.

Scott Smolen is an experienced award winning realty professional. The Chesapeake Bay area is his back yard, and so are the areas around Anne Arundel County. His knowledge of localities around these regions and their proximity to Washington DC is invaluable. Taking wise counsel regarding housing decisions is a wise step for prospective home sellers and buyers. Selecting a wise counsel is not difficult in Maryland. The name of Scott Smolen is synonymous with Realty. Scott also brings empathy and humanist attitude which is an endearing trait.

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