Surban’ offer value for money homes on the East Coast

There is a new word in the real estate lexicon that is making the rounds. The usage of ‘surban’ is as familiar as ‘Snap’ is to instant messaging and chat apps world. Snap has made headlines for what promises to be the next big thing in technology stocks. With the IPO recording over subscription more than 12 times and a strong debut on the NASDAQ. ‘Snap’ IPO has already created ripples in the housing market as newfound wealth is impacting residential markets in California. The ripple effect is such that many more tech stocks are likely to follow suit although not in the same valuation (Snap has a valuation of 25 billion dollars).

It is not uncommon for the influx of tech money to generate housing market boom. The trend is just not simply a mindless focus on IPOs. Unlike earlier years the economy as a whole is moving powerfully. Both the Western seaboard and the East coast are reporting strong trends. Millennials are seriously increasing investments in housing. The scenario has strong fundamentals and not due to some clever derivative type of spin.

The promise of ‘surban’

Tech buyers are in the market for unique homes. The serious home buyer is looking for ‘surban’ which is a mix of urban and suburban. Several communities in the East are offering modern amenities (read as urban amenities) in a suburban setting. The environment is healthy for people to work and play with the right schools and play near to their homes. Commercial establishments are using these ‘surban’ developments with the proper mix of upscale eateries and coffee shops along with entertainment. Unlike strip malls of the 70s and 80s, the new developments promise longevity.

This new recipe of ‘surban’ is finding takers in the East such as Baltimore and Maryland. Real estate prices are not as steep as in San Francisco or California. Millennials are making a dent in the property market says Scott Smolen. All of his customers and peers alike popularly hail him as Scott. He has been in the real estate business for over 17 years and being a native of Baltimore knows the area particularly the Fort Meade region. As a realtor and a hall of famer (he is a recipient of the ReMax Lifetime Achievement Award — given to a Realtor who has earned commissions more than 7 million dollars), Scott Smolen has earned the trust of his clients. The client testimonials speak volumes about his dedication to providing the best service.

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