Megan, I commend the amount of research you have clearly done related to this topic and I can see…
Jen Street

Hi, Jen, While I appreciate your thoughtful response, I got derailed near the beginning of your remarks when you said that you think “what’s missing in your question is that you’re not making a distinction between immigrants (which are people not native to the U.S. but are here legally) and non-legal immigrants.” The individual featured in this piece would be subject to deportation today ( In your terminology, he would be a “non-legal immigrant.” He also happened to be Rep. Goodlatte’s grandfather, so I hope you can understand why I find it perplexing that Rep. Goodlatte would not allow current immigrants the latitude his own family was fortunate enough to receive. It’s a glass-houses situation, and since this is the heart of my article, I would disagree with your assessment that I am pandering to anyone.