Rails against the Machine!

Here we are, the beginning of week 5 at The Iron Yard. We have sailed through so many different programs, and gems, at a speed that would give anyone whiplash, all leading up to Rails. We finally made it! Last Thursday we began building our first Rails powered web application.

And just like that, in the blink of an eye nearly everything we learned in the last 4 weeks, all of that code we wrote, all of those hours spent making it all come together, all of it, no longer necessary! Everything we had learned to build on our own, every line of code, it was all there. All it took was a couple of commands in terminal and like magic it all appeared.

Really?!? I began to think my instructor must have a sadistic side. Surely he was looking at our confused faces and seeing the beads of sweat form on our worried brows and thinking, “Best. Job. Ever!”

Then I began reading the Getting Started with Rails Guide, and my eagerness to know more grew. This has to be the first help guide written in newbie english. I followed the directions and my homework seemed to spring forth without as much effort or frustration as has been the norm until now. As I started going through the files rails created for me, I began to recognize the code. It was all like what we had done before. Customize the view, no problem…add in validations, easy…allow comments, well what do you know, here are the exact instructions I need in the Rails Guide.

And like a warm shower, the realization of how this came together washed over me. Now it all makes sense, why we needed to take all of those steps, each step giving us insight into how it all works together. All of the struggle to understand the concepts and the frustration trying to get the code to work. It was the only way to truly understand and appreciate the power of Rails. We needed to be able to pull all the functionality together into a well-organized, well-oiled machine. It was important for us to recognize and be able to utilize all of its parts. Rails is awesome!

I have a feeling it will all get more complicated from here, but for now I am content.