Stox Alpha — Ready? Set… Launch!

Please proof read posts like these before publishing them. I tried to find a means to DM you these adjustments but failed, so I’ll make them public (my edits are in caps):

‘ With such a staggering amount of people signed-up (DITCH THIS HYPHEN), we’re going TO stagger the process: 50 people at A time will be invited to give the Alpha a spin. The order will be according to when you signed up — whoever signed up first will be first to have a go.

Everyone who signed-up will be invited’. < Hyphen here between signed and up needs to be removed.

I know I’m being pedantic, but as an investor in STOX I want you to look as professional as possible wherever possible, and that includes taking 5 minutes to proof read posts like these; especially when they are a first point of contact with your investors and wider audience.

Also I am wary of you lumping together the idea of decentralization with ‘bells and whistles’ here. I know within the context of the Alpha test it may not be hugely significant, but the way you have phrased this suggests you think that the platform’s being decentralized is a gimmick instead of your fundamental point of difference (and therefore selling point) when compared with other more mainstream prediction markets. Is that what you think?

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