Suhail DOShi in Paris / Courtesy of THe FAMily

Badges for SEO, A Smart Growth Hack By Mixpanel

Stéphane Moracchini
2 min readSep 23, 2013

On September 21st 2013, Suhail Doshi, CEO and Co-founder at mixpanel was in Paris to do some live mentoring for Startups organized by Paris accelerator TheFamily. During the Q&A, a person in the audience asked him about customer acquisition and growth hacking. Suhail told us about one of the smartest growth hack mixpanel used.

If you have mixpanel analytics software, you should know that a free account is limited to 25 000 data points. The next step in the pricing scale costs $150 per month and gives you 500 000 data points. For a bootstrapping startup, It may be expensive.

Mixpanel gives you another choice. In their own words:

Become a Mixpanel partner and we’ll give you 175,000 free data points each month. All you have to do is add our badge to your homepage.

The deal is that you get free data points (about $50/mth worth), in exchange of a logo and a link to on your landing page.

This is the growth hack Suhail was telling us about. Adding badges and links on their customer websites gives them a significant competitive advantage on search engine rankings due to the important number of backlinks to their website. This is nothing new for SEO experts but from what Suhail said, it was pretty efficient.

Moreover, those badges and the free accounts attracts more bootstrapping startups than competitor KISSMetrics. Though, KISSMetrics doesn’t lag behind on customer acquisition, thanks to an efficient content marketing strategy. Their blog publishes a lot of great content everyday, an area on which mixpanel seems far behind.



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