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Your mind is huge. Bigger than a bread box. Open-to-the-cosmos kind of huge. And since most of us aren’t aware of the enormous size of the mind we inhabit, or the possibilities it holds for us, we spend our decades on earth plodding around the same small corner of a vast inner universe, thinking this is all there is.

It’s not.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a map of this place? The kind of map that could show us the vast territory that our mind occupies. A map that pinpoints where your awareness currently is located, where your destination is, and all points between.

Turns out this map already exists, and it’s likely you’ve seen it but didn’t realize what is was. Seeing a map like this helps you get a sense where you are in the realm of your own consciousness. You become a psychonaut, from the Greek meaning “navigator of the soul/mind/spirit” A psychonaut is like an astronaut- except the universe you are exploring is inside you, not outside.

If you want to take a tour around the vast consciousness that You Are, such as during meditation, wouldn’t it be great to know where the heck you are going?

In my work as a BodyMind Bridge coach and practitioner, I meet people every day who have tried to meditate. They take classes, buy apps, watch YouTube videos. “Nothing works,” they say. “I just can’t turn my thoughts off.”

Thoughts off? The only way you can turn your thoughts off is via a phenomenon called death.

What if you just invite those pesky thoughts to the party?

Here is the map.

EEG Map of Your Mind

This is an EEG of the 4 common frequencies of brainwaves that map your mind. In each moment, you occupy one or more of what I call “awareness bandwidths.”

Which bandwidth contains the chatter box that wanna-be meditators fight with? Beta.

When I show them the map, I suggest they just let their thinking conscious mind (Beta) come along for the inner ride. You can’t shut off your thoughts, but you can lower their volume and turn your attention toward something far more interesting. Beta is only 10% of your waking consciousness, your awareness. It’s a beautiful part of your mind, but that 10% number puts a kibosh on what it can do for you. It has its limits.

Then I point to the map and show them where this far more interesting place is: Your Alpha and Theta bandwidths. Together, they occupy the other 90% of your waking consciousness!

For the sake of simplicity, I combine these two incredible regions of our consciousness together and just call them AlphaTheta. This region of your mind is incredible. When your focus is in the AlphaTheta region of your mind, you are capable of miraculous things.

Like the ability to heal your sorrows and woes. And your physical pain. Yes, you are designed to do this. I have guided hundreds of people to this place so they can do their own inner work. Inner work such as learning from deeper mind about the root of their suffering, whether emotional or physical, and then to release it from their body and soul. It is part of your genius that comes as standard equipment and is imbedded in your bio-architecture.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Not only are you wired to self-heal, but your AlphaTheta bandwidth is also your Super Learner.

When I was an undergrad back in the 70’s, I tried a new study technique called “super learning.” It was all the craze. You just put on headphones and listen to Baroque music while you studied. It worked so well I kinda felt I was cheating. Never understood how or why I could recall so much of my textbook in such a short time.

Photo by Johanna Vogt on Unsplash

Today I know that Baroque music beats at the same frequency as the AlphaTheta brainwaves and moves your awareness to that location. It’s like osmosis.

Truth is, all day long you move your awareness from beta to alpha and back again. Beta when you have to think and take care of the details of your life. Alpha when you need a break from the thinking. Daydream even for a minute and you instantly move into alpha.

As for Theta, you experience it every night, just before you fall asleep. It’s that groggy yet still awake place. You are “deep” yet if you hear a strange noise in the room you instantly pop back into beta.

My point here is that beta, alpha, and theta are a part of your ordinary, everyday life. When you learn to move your attention to your AlphaTheta bandwidth and hang out there, you can access your inner healer, your wisdom, your confidence, and your genius.

These are your inner resources. They are part of the human package. I believe it is your birthright to at least know you have the option to dive into the incredible universe that is within you. It’s yours.

Your EEG map of your mind shows you the territory. Here’s how you can actually take the tour of your AlphaTheta: Gently close your eyes, find and observe your breath. And then soar.

It’s a big place.