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After actually seeing the video it appears to me he put his hands up and walked away from officer not complying to there orders to stop, he then puts his hands down and starts to go into the truck, that is when she fired a single shot, he could be precieved he is getting a weapon who knows, most all these tragic cop shootings happen because the result of non compliance where the subject ignores officers. I predict she will not be charged with a serious crime although she should at the very least be fired and not be able to own a gun, the officer next to her did the right thing deploying the taser, shooting him was not the right thing, but under law is acceptable when the suspect has arms down reaching for something ignoring officer commands to stop and keep hands up. If he had stopped and not went to his truck he probably would not have been shot or tazed. Possibility he was pissed that officers approached him the way they did and was all like, oh there being assholes cause I am black and fuck them blm attitude. Maybe like I said we don’t have all the facts, so it is all speculation at this point.

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