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So today we criticize Trump for calling the bomb a bomb too early.

Yet here we all are making this a race issue already without all the facts.

Clearly Shelby is in the wrong for shooting him, is she just a trigger happy racist? maybe. Could there be another reason? maybe. Either way she needs to be brought up on charges, nobody should be able to shoot an unarmed man with his hands up. This is still a rare occurrence when you consider how many cops and cop interactions there are day to day, but still unacceptable. Let’s not paint all police as poorly trained or racist. they kill just as many whites as blacks if not more of course there is a larger white population, but I don’t see this as much a race problem as a bad police problem and of course there are racist cops but it is a low number. They need to be held accountable when it is clear they are in the wrong, part of the problem is they let these bad officers off the hook, and it opens the attitude they are untouchable and can do what they want, and bad cops take advantage just as any criminal would. Is shelby a bad cop with intent or did she make a very bad call ,poorly trained, make a very bad mistake. We don’t know. what we do no is this mans life is over for no apparent reason and she needs to be held accountable in some form depending on what happened. We have video with no audio to what is being said. She shot him only once possible accidental discharge? maybe

Either way she needs to be charged with something, fired and never allowed to carry a gun again.

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