Shedding Old Skins

So many are going through major growth transitions right now. Broken dreams, broken hearts, broken contracts, wake up calls, identity crisis etc. It seems to be a time for major shifting and this new moon alludes also to this… It is a time for many to shed old skins that fit too tightly. 
With these powerful and growthful junctures in life, we are called to stretch our comfort levels, to develop courage, will power, faith and trust in what wants to be birthed in our life.

Labour pains are no fun but a soon to be mother looks forward to her baby coming and accepts the pain that she has to go through for that miracle to occur.

If we thought of our own re-birthing in the same way, we’d shift from self induced suffering to expectancy, our willingness would strengthen our courage and ignite understanding so we’d be more likely to take right action… And though it’s never easy, we’d also be more able to accept the loss of attachments and cooperate with the changes that want to take us to the next level.

It’s a paradigm shift that is ready to happen.

So when things get tough, consider taking a deep breath and instead of reacting from fear and projections, sit with it, question the motives of change, ask it what it has come to reveal to you, to teach you… If you are willing to look at yourself and your life objectively, you will know what needs to go, what needs to open and what needs to be birthed….

Once you do this, you can meet the storm as an ally not a curse and you will be able to see the role you played in calling it in… The lightening will then have a direction, it will burn up the dead wood instead of extinguishing your life force….

But always allow yourself to feel and grieve the pain of loss, allow your heart to be torn open, it’s a necessary and important ingredient in the alchemy… But keep moving through it so that you can claim the beautiful distillation of heart and soul that is waiting for you at the other side. This is how your power finds you.~

~Caroline de Lisser

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