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I think most people realize that JUST looking at career and single season numbers vs. dudes from by gone eras is silly. Yeah career numbers have to count but it is more like for QBs and WRs if you AREN’T in the top 20 in pretty much every important counting stat you aren’t going to get serious consideration.

I wish there was an easy way to get some comparisons of how guys did vs. their peers. A site like pro-football reference has a lot of good stuff and helps see what guys do but it is lacking some in those areas. Wish they would expand some of that to be more like the baseball reference site. There they have thing like MVP shares where they give you a score based of a sliding scale of how well you do there. Right now I don’t really know where to find NFL MVP voting ranks for past seasons but knowing that would help a lot. I think we would all agree that a guy that finished in the top 5 every year for a decade and say 2nd 4 times even if they never won would stick out more than a guy that has similar career numbers but maybe only cracked the top 5 a couple of times, or never. Also wish they listed 2nd team All Pro in the main section, you can find that but have to scroll though a lot of stuff at the bottom. One nice thing is they started listing NFL Top 100 finishes recently. This I feel will be useful as guys that played since they started that become eligible. Not perfect but if your peers consistently voted you one of the top players in the league that is meaningful.

They also have their Black Ink and Gray Ink stats which are just fairly simple numbers that show how often a guy lead the league in various important stats (The Black Ink) and how many times they were in the top 10. Again pretty quick and dirty way to see how they did vs. their peers. Shouldn’t be that hard to do that for football. QBs will have more stats to look at compared to WRs and RBs but that is fine. Obviously that has no use for the O-Line and much more limited on Defense since you pretty much will look at FF, FR, INT and Sacks for everyone.

BTW I understand things like these are not as rigorous as a well developed statistical model but do we really think actual HOF voters and most fans will look at (and forget understand) these things? I’m just talking things that are simple and useful that pretty much anyone can understand and can quickly see where some guys stand out from others even if the raw stats aren’t vastly different.

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