When ‘Good’ is not ‘Good Enough’!

‘How was it?’
A text pops on your phone screen from your friend after that much awaited coffee-date with the guy you met at a friend’s party. 
You reply, ‘Good’.

This ‘good’ date turns into a couple of more ‘good’ dates. These dates turn into constant conversations and nonchalant interactions. He is really nice and your friends find him charming. You get along well and things are just going fine!

Everything is going ‘good’ then why do you keep asking yourself if it’s ‘good enough’?

Do you know that feeling when you know this relationship will be alright and things can be worked out. You can see that this person will do fine and you will be happy with him or her. You have conversations that make you laugh just enough and occasionally blush too but it is not ‘that’.

You know ‘that’ when the conversation keeps rolling on from minutes to hours without even batting an eyelid. You know ‘that’ when he/her made you laugh so hard that you snorted and then you both laughed again because you snorted. You know ‘that’ when you can’t resist a blush that just turns into a sheepish smile because of his/her presence.

Where is ‘that’?

(I know, I know! A lot of you might just label ‘that’ as a school girl fantasy or a unreal product of a romantic’s imagination fed on romantic comedies. But ‘that’ exists in various forms in different relationships as the connecting glue between people despite their differences.)

However, the more important question here is if it is stupid to pass on all these ‘good’ people and opportunities for ‘that’?

The only thing people or even I would consider passing on ‘that’ would be for stability or a sustainable relationship! But is ‘that’ worth sacrificing for this quintessential sustainability or stability in life everyone talks about?

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