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The startup ecosystem is rapidly growing for the last 5 years and gaining a firm ground in India. The room for creativity and innovation is expanding. Doing business has never been so exciting as the Indian government is also welcoming the culture of startups. If you have an idea and you strongly believe that the larger community can benefit from it, you are good to go!

However, there are a few challenges. In order to make their way through the existing complex business framework, startups need a sound infrastructure. Initially, that calls for a huge investment. The idea is to start lean and make it big with time and efforts. Here arrives the concept of co-working spaces in Delhi wherein, office space and the budget do not stand in your way.

Co-working spaces in Delhi are designed to provide an affordable workstation to all size of business including entrepreneurs and freelancers. Each co-working space in Delhi has a different vibe which creates a unique experience for working professionals.

According to a few recent research reports, the employees who work in the co-working spaces are more productive and progressive as compared to the one working in regular offices. These conceptual spaces offer the employees the much-needed flexibility to enjoy their work. Moreover, sharing a common space with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and other professionals allows them to build a stronger network.

With so much being offered at co-working spaces in Delhi, who wouldn’t wish to work at one?

Here we have a list of handpicked top 10 co-working spaces in Delhi NCR specially designed to inspire and innovate at work.


Being located in the prime location of South Delhi, Workly offers the startups and entrepreneurs a new platform to work and achieve together. They have redesigned co-working spaces in Delhi to innovate and collaborate effectively. Workly offers the environment which helps in achieving bigger and better.

Locations: Lajpat Nagar, Sarvodaya Enclave, and Nehru Place.

Seat Strength: Around 200 seats

Facilities: Easily Accessible, Conference Room, Workstation, High-Speed Internet, Unlimited Tea and Coffee, Fun Events, and Healthy Environment.

Pricing: Dedicated seats start from 10,000/-

With encouraging and creative workspaces, Workly lets you focus on your goal. They have a workspace for all business sizes. They offer easy accessibility, workstation, conference room, recreation zone, high-speed internet, unlimited tea and coffee, printing, cafeteria, library, printing, and stationery kit. Workly co-spaces are based in all premium locations of New Delhi and is close to the metro stations.

Moreover, they have become environmentally friendly. They use energy-efficient appliances and green cleaning supplies. It helps in creating a positive environment and it also contributes towards the sustainable environment.

2. myHQ

Locations: South Delhi, Central Delhi, Faridabad and multiple locations.

Facilities: Unlimited Wi-fi, Office Supplies, Work Zones, and Food Benefits.

Seat Strength: 40–50 in every place.

Pricing: Starting from 299/- per visit.

MyHQ initiated its operations with the plan of already existing coworking spaces and turning them into ultimate coworking zones. It acts as a network of work cafes through mobile applications and internet. Not only it provides basic offers at working zones but also ensure that their plans match with your working needs.

You can be a part of their community and can experience their networking events. It is spread over 50 locations in Delhi NCR and it provides discounts on food and drinks, on becoming a member.

3. Wework

Locations: Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, and multiple cities.

Facilities: Unlimited Internet, Conference Rooms, Metro Connectivity, Gaming Zone.

Seat Strength: 1000+ seat strength for multiple locations.

With centres in Gurugram, Mumbai, and Bangalore, Wework created a buzz when it made its appearance in the back half of 2017. They are renowned for taking special care of their members by providing facilities such as private phone booths and vehicle parking. One of the special things you can experience as their member is being a part of their global network.

4. Stirring Minds

Locations: New Delhi

Facilities: Hi-speed Internet, Power Backup, Conference Rooms, Warehousing, Printing and Scanning, Metro Connectivity, and Events.

Pricing: It starts from 6000/- per month.

Stirring Minds provides basic facilities to their members such as free WiFi, dedicated desk time etc. They provide quite a few options to their members and are one of the well-known chains of coworking spaces. They provide the organization with an opportunity to rent their space for any personal events or official purpose. They interestingly provide a virtual office as well. They offer mentorship and guide the new entrepreneurs too.

5. Social

Locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and multiple locations.

Facilities: Cubicle with a cafe, Unlimited Wi-Fi,

Seat Strength: 20–50

Located in Connaught place, Social boasts of its ambience and unique look. It is renowned to have all basic amenities like conference rooms, WiFi, stationary etc. All these make social an amazing working space. With a distinct theme and a funky design, social operates as a cafe in the daytime and converts itself into a pub at night. So from a cup of coffee to a couple of drinks, it provides everything.

6. MHS Collective

Locations: New Delhi

Facilities: Hi-speed Wi-fi, Air Conditioner, Free parking in the premises, Personal Lockers

Seat Strength: 30–50 Seats

Pricing: Starting from 6790/-

If you have a creative bent of mind, this is the place for you, (like architects, artists, writers etc). MHS Collective is equipped with basic amenities and an admirable working space, it is reserved exclusively for above-mentioned kind of people. Due to this fact, you will be required to submit a bio and that is why the members of this workspace often remain limited. They offer internet, pantry and printer facilities as well.

7. 91Springboard

Locations: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and multiple locations.

Facilities: Unlimited Wi-Fi, Conference Rooms, Cafe, Game Zone.

Seat Strength: 100–300

91Springboard has the reputation of being one of the first coworking spaces in India. Their experience in guiding, motivating and mentoring entrepreneurs and startups is invaluable. In addition to basic amenities such as high-speed internet, they offer a different kind of work by adjusting to your working style and skill.

The main highlights are virtual office facilities, regular events, and meetups.

8. Innov8

Locations: Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and multiple locations.

Facilities: Unlimited Internet, Different workspaces, Game Zone, Meeting and Conference Rooms.

Being situated in the Regal Building, it’s a group of entrepreneurs who try and employ their skills and knowledge to make startups a success. Beautifully built, it provides customizable workstations to help young entrepreneurs. They host talk shows and organize workshops as well. They offer a recreational area and a rooftop workspace to make work interesting.

9. Altaf Coworking Space

Locations: Gurgaon

Facilities: Unlimited Internet, Different workspaces, Game Zone, Meeting and Conference Rooms.

Altaf coworking spaces are renowned in the country for being able to understand the different needs of different people and accordingly catering to their needs. From providing cabin spaces to brainstorms sessions, they provide solutions to all business needs.

The freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for a different and unique working environment can approach them.

10. CoworkIn

Locations: Lajpat Nagar, Nehru Place, Patel Nagar, and multiple locations.

Facilities: High Internet, Power Backup, Team rooms, Conference Rooms, Pet-friendly, Unlimited tea and coffee.

Pricing: 400/- per day

CoworkIn is just the place for you if you are a flying solo. It is a workplace for both short term and long term uses. There will be a lot of independent members who will probably be working for the same reason as you. You all can stay in the guest rooms, share workspaces with desks or private rooms for individuals/teams. You will be provided lounges too for formal and informal meetings. Apart from all the facilities, there will be a cook too to make meals.

The co-working space in Delhi is quite an effective solution for organizations and freelancers. Undoubtedly, there is an inherent alignment between what the spaces offer and the goal of startups. But, the design and culture is an example for any organization to come up with fresh ideas and grow exponentially.




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