Once is Enough!!!

When I was a child the moment I failed to accomplish certain goals I was thoroughly motivated to achieve my target in the next hit. So I never get disappointed easily. Like many others I don’t get disturbed very quickly.And my mind set was like that for few years. Once while having a discussion with my parents I got to know something very magical. Which has a very deep impact on me till today.

That is , “ONCE IS ENOUGH”. To be very logical why to wait for the next chance. why not to hit the bull’s eye in the 1st dart itself. The time you spend on something is the precious moment that is never going to back again. So why to wait for next time why not to click it right here right now.

If one life is defined for us for a certain limited span of time , then why to waste it for the silly line “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME”. Never ever allow anyone to utter this line for you.

Let the world realise in the next time you will target for something better.No excuse is acceptable, cause tomorrow never comes when it comes it becomes today. Sometimes in search of a perfect life we give random unnecessary assurance to ourselves. Like we will do it right next time, we will do it later and the count goes on. And what remains constant is our imperfect life with uncountable regrets.

So one life is enough to extract the best out of it. No twice is required,nor more is required. Make the best use of your precious life to live and make it lively.