You are not alone……

Just last Sunday, like we routinely do, I took my kids to the garden. While they were engrossed in playing, I decided to take a walk in an attempt to get rid of the back pain which was bothering me for the past month! It was a frustrating time for me since I was at my wits end after all the Doctors visits and medication which had given me no remedial results.

After pacing along for a couple of rounds, and no relief in terms of the pain, I decided to sit down on a park bench and let the joys of my kids enjoying their play-time sink in. While doing so, my ears veered towards a group of jovial senior citizens having a chat. They were discussing everything from politics to their health problems and how they dealt with them. Among them interestingly was a lady who had suffered from chronic back-pain issues for 5 years! I happened to over hear a lot extremely simple and helpful ways she was dealing with her pain, the kind I would perhaps never have heard from a Doctor per se.

This intrigued a thought in my mind, I’m not alone and there are tons of people around us who would possibly be facing issues like mine and be hassled by getting no medical remedy for the same. What if there was a platform for such like-minded people with similar ailments to come together? What if there was a one-stop solution to bring such people together and discuss and share such first-hand experiences and tried and tested solutions?

This could be a means to come together, an assurance that you are not dealing with these issues alone. Little do we even know about the people living with critical health ailments, but who have a way around it and live a jovial, happy life. Of course, medical help matters, but sometimes it’s the simpler little tips and tricks that count. A little tender loving care and understanding from someone sailing in the same boat as you.

Our solution for this issue, The Konect Health “Forums.”

Health Forums give you a platform to interact with patients who share your suffering from similar diseases or even health issues. Your destination to share all your experiences anonymously, without disclosing your identity.

So, why wait? Head over to and start sharing your health experiences on our Health Forums! Share the knowledge and do good as well as be good to yourself!