I asked 19000 people from design twitter this question…

Samar Syed
2 min readApr 8, 2020

What is the one thing that a UX Designer can do daily that can lead to compounding results?

A little known fact is that bruce lee was a philosopher too

I have been fascinated by James Clear’s book ‘Atomic Habits’, where he emphasizes about small changes that can build compounding effects and have lasting results. Successful people have built their identity around the thing that they wanted to become great at, Comedians take out time every day to write their jokes down. Writers take the time out to write irrespective of the output. The same goes for athletes, speakers, artists, etc.

Winners and Losers have the same goals. Every Olympian wants to win a gold medal. Every candidate wants to get the job.

James Clear emphasizes focusing on identity rather than goals.

The goal is not to read the book the goal is to become a reader. The goal is not to complete a marathon but to become a runner.

Focus on the process, not on the goal.

With that pretext in mind, I asked Design Twitter, what are somethings that a UX designer can do daily to improve by 1% which builds lasting results.

And they did not disappoint

Here are some of the highlight replies that I’ve picked:


Ps: Shoutout to Doug Collins, who reposted the question to his followers. I really love what he does for the community and how he spreads positivity 🙏🏽

Let me know in the comments if you found something that you could incorporate into your daily routine that can help you become a better designer.
How are you utilizing this extra time, staying at home?

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