Chief Sawyer to participate in 2017 Dance United event

Chief Sawyer to participate in 2017 Dance United event

Have you ever said to a child “do what I say…not what I do?” I am sure we have all been guilty of that. Sometimes it comes back to haunt you! Our Department encourages our kiddos to “step out of their comfort zone” and to try new things…well the time has come for Chief Sawyer to do just that!

I have been asked and I have accepted an invitation to participate in 2017 Dance United. This is a HUGE fundraiser for our local United Way. Think Dancing With the Stars on a local level.

That being said, I am NOT A DANCER..not even a little. I’d like to think I’ll be Tony Manero (John Travolta) on Saturday Night Fever…but instead I’ll probably look like Napolean Dynamite or Willard on the original Footloose movie.

I am sure there will be LOTS of laughs! That’s okay because it is for a GREAT cause…but just getting into a dunk tank would be much easier

Chief Sawyer

Source: Shepherd Police Department

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Originally published at Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival.