How to Clear Shark Tank Auditions

When Timur Daudpota & Co-Founder Hamza of Kandy Kruisers heard that Shark Tank was coming to Houston, he knew he couldn’t miss the opportunity. First, he needed to decide if he was going to attend the Houston auditions or the University of Houston auditions. After asking around to see who’d be attending the UH round, he decided to audition at the university, where he figured his chances would be higher, and he was right. Timur and his partner Hamza have cleared several stages of getting onto Shark Tank and share the steps that they took.

If you are looking to apply, here is the link to the casting call for the show.

Your best chance to getting in the show, is go and attend the open casting calls. Find when will there next event is happening be there and be ready to wow. You can find when the next event will happen here.

Preparing for the Pitch

To prepare, Timur and Hamza watched all the old episodes of Shark Tank as research for their audition. They realized one thing quickly. It wasn’t about how good your business is; it is about how entertaining you are. Shark Tank is a show, after all.


Once Timur arrived at the audition, he needed to stand out, which he managed in two different ways. First, he had a vibrant product. His Kandy Kruisers are brightly colored skateboards with LED wheels and are hard not to notice. Second, who doesn’t love free stuff? His freebies scored a solid first impression with the audition crew.

His products stood out so much that they landed on the front page business section of the Houston Chronicle.

When time came to pitch, the candidates were divided into about 4 or 5 groups and directed to different rooms. Timur’s presentation went well. He made sure to include as much personality as he could in the presentation, because he wanted to appear TV-friendly. Within a week, they were told they’d qualified to the next round.

Second Round

The next stage was to submit a video answering a few questions.

Here is a link to “Shark Tank’s Guide to Video Submission & Questions”

Timur and his partner asked around to see how others went about this video process and decided they would not be able to meet the one-week deadline. They asked for an extension, because they wanted to produce something higher quality than a standard interview video in a suit.

They partnered with one of their friends who provided about $4,000 worth of video for free. This time of support from friends is and continues to be invaluable and was much higher quality than they could have produced on their own. The video, similar to their pitch, was full of personality while providing hard-to-ignore evidence of their company’s success.

During the second round, they shipped their product for free to California so that the producers and their team could get a proper feel for what they were selling. Timur tracked the shipment, and soon enough, they heard back that they’d cleared into the third round.

Third Round

The third round pairs entrepreneurs with coaches to prepare for the actual pitch. See the video that got us through the Shark Tank auditions.