1000 miles

Step One

Today would be the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon, the father of information theory. It seems appropriate to start my blog today. My purpose is simple and selfish — to distill signal from noise. Amid the noise I feel an undercurrent of change. Apparently disconnected threads are somehow knitted into the same patchwork. By writing down my thoughts on these threads, my goal is to better see the latticework.

Retirement Pyramid — The Changing Social Contract

Today I came across this link (http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=78cbbb7f2882629a5157fa593&id=43dac1bbfe&e=832851d65a from breakingsmart.com, as linked by Khe Hy of Rad Reads. Once in a while you read something that brings clarity to one of those foggy corners of your mind. This was one of those reads for me.

The current Social Contract is dying, on all levels. Individual capability matters more than a name-brand education and an old boys network. Home ownership is becoming less attainable (is it even a worthy objective anymore?). Defined pensions are gone, and 401(k)s and IRAs are poorly managed substitutes. Health care is a tax, and it’s unrealistic to preserve future purchasing power through Social Security. Yes, the Social Contract of the boomer generation is tearing apart.

A new Social Contract is developing, and it’s unfolding rapidly. My goal is to explore the developments and themes behind this mega-change.

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