Economics, Like Religion, Assumes It Knows Everything
Nick Cassella

Can we plan an economy while disregarding things like supply and demand, resource limits, and profit (or in this case marginal benefit to society vs marginal cost to society)? If not, what do you call the study of optimizing such things? I could see an argument being made that this is a subset of physics, but everything is a subset of physics. Economics is a science because you can no more stop diminishing marginal return or productivity decreases equating to output decreases than you can reverse entropy or human perception of time going forwards. Economic laws are not just built into the fabric of human society, it’s built into the physical nature of the universe.

So calling it a “religion” while ignoring the tons of sciences around with less physical backing and consistency in rule application (looking at you non-neuroscience psychology and anything followed by “studies”) belies something of what you’d - want- to be the case rather than what is.