Are Lesbian Characters Taking Over Video Games?
Eleanor Amaranth Lockhart

Enjoyed reading this, and it’s definitely changed my perception on the issue.
As a rather jaded male gaymer, I was frustrated with the lack of gay male protagonists in games, and how the representation of M/M relationships in the majority of side quests are either completely avoidable or end in tragedy or death. I’ve come to realize, that this was a shortsighted conclusion and that the entirety of LGBTQ+ representation has been rather abysmal in the medium. 
We need to be celebrating the progress we’re finally making together instead of inciting infighting and perpetuating theories of ill intentions from the devs. 
All we really have in the AAA space are Bioware games, or RPGs with lazily implemented NPC relationships that do little more than switch M/F pronouns when romantically pursued. Pretty unfair and frustrating to us all, especially to the TQ+ community.
Thank you for sharing such a constructive and meaningful perspective on a rather complicated issue, and helping me (and hopefully many others) to be a better ally.