We are Smuggle Squad

Hello, our lil seekers for digital adventures! It wasn’t easy to attract your attention, but we just couldn’t leave you in the dark, Smugglers don’t treat each other like that.

Today, in 2022, when web3 and web4 are developing the world around us so brightly and fast, it became possible to make money by not only being a creator, a high-skilled streamer, or a gamer.

We are Smuggle Squad, and we are here to improve Twitch as much as we can — to give both streamers and viewers tools that allow generating additional income. And it seems to us, not only the additional and not only the income. :)

So being involved in this, without exaggeration, epic project you can get not only profit, but recognition, status, and your place in a rapidly changing future!

We bet you are going to ask who the fuck are Smugglers? We are, bro! And we are assured that while reading this very article, you are already on your way to joining our community.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our Metto, so you can faster catch the gist, and we can no longer be apart.

NFTs and game streaming: a perfect synergy

With 9 million active streamers and 15 million unique daily viewers, Twitch is the undisputed leader in the game streaming market, which is expected to grow by 18% every year. In Q3 2021 alone, users watched 5.8 billion hours of Twitch streams.

Hundreds of thousands of Twitch streamers earn a significant part of their income from donations and subscriptions by viewers. However, growing and keeping a premium audience is hard, and traditional subscription management tools don’t offer much in terms of engagement.

On the other hand, viewers themselves spend a lot of time and energy creating fan content, such as YouTube compilations, Discord emotes, etc. — yet don’t receive any reward for their work.

The solution offered by Smuggle is an app that gamifies the donation and subscription mechanics and uses NFTs as rewards. Non-fungible tokens (digital collectibles) offer important advantages to gamers, streamers, and viewers:

  • NFT holders own their assets (the game developer cannot restrict their circulation);
  • NFTs can be freely sold in the secondary market for cryptocurrency;
  • Content creators can additionally monetize their work and time through selling NFTs;
  • Game NFTs have additional utility (e.g. as staking assets, collateral for loans, etc.).

The sales volume for NFTs of popular blockchain games like Defi Kingdoms and Axie Infinity reaches millions of dollars a month. The next step is to introduce digital collectibles into the traditional gaming, and streaming market — that is exactly what Smuggle is doing.

How Smuggle Works

For better understanding we suggest you, future Smuggler, imagine your meme or message to a streamer going viral on Reddit or Twitter. Or they were reposted by That-the-coolest-dude. Agree that it would be wicked for it to become an NFT meme? Everyone knows the author, you can sell it for a huge amount of money…

Awesome, isn’t it? And we are going to make it a reality for you.

So, this is how Smuggle works: you can get the NFT Loot Box for every dollar burned on Twitch!

Supporting your favorite streamer has never been so exciting and, at the same time, rewarding.

We create a specific NFT collection for each creator according to his/her wishes, and the specifics of the stream. And while simply watching Twitch, getting high, and supporting your favorite streamer, you can receive a gift: a magic box with a collectible card of an item or character. These cards will be useful for the upcoming game. But the whole point is that you become an NFT holder, so you can trade!

And as for streamers, they can boost follower count and revenue streams with the power of NFTs!

Thus, NFT makes your mutual relations unique — an awesome bonus to a burning stream, isn’t it?

Maximizing subscriptions through NFTs

On Smuggle, streamers create unique NFT collections and distribute them to their followers through various gamified mechanics: quests, challenges, giveaways, and exclusive Loot Boxes. All of this works via Twitch native subscription and donation streams.

For example, a streamer can launch quests, ranging from subscribing or donating to something more complex, such as donating to a specific cause.

Meanwhile, if you are that guy who is just spending time and money watching streams, you can become a Smuggler, scouting Twitch for quality content and turning it into NFTs with different levels of rarity. Such NFTs can be sold for extra income!

Smuggle turns the bland process of subscribing or donating into an exciting adventure. Ordinary viewers receive recognition and status displaying their NFTs on the stream; they compete for the top positions on the leaderboard, and their engagement keeps growing.

This means more followers for streamers, boosted subscriptions and donations, and a new source of revenue thanks to NFTs.

Streamers are invited to create the first NFT collections

If you simply got bored making monotonous streams and seek a new way to monetize your streaming activities, then a further chapter is just for you.

We are Smuggler Squad, and we are here to proudly announce the app that gamifies the donation (subscription) mechanics and uses NFTs as rewards!

Smuggle is a metaverse-friendly donations platform for Twitch streamers, and now we welcome the first content creators to our exclusive club. With the help of the Smuggle, you can already create your first collectibles to reward the viewers, boosting subscriptions and engagement.

The platform is currently in beta, with the blockchain features of the app running on the Polygon network. No special technical or blockchain skills are needed from the streamer: the Smuggle app can be connected to any Twitch account in a few clicks.

In this early stage, Smuggle Squad provides personal coaching and assistance to every streamer. The organizers manually prepare turnkey NFT collections based on your wishes and deliver them free of charge. The goal is to build an early core of content creators ahead of the main launch. The members of this exclusive Creators Club will have a competitive edge over the streamers who join later.

In the future, Smuggle will also be integrated with YouTube, donation services, and major Play2Earn games. It will also acquire new use cases for donations and NFTs in the metaverse — for example, VR fundraisers or rewarding donors with metaverse gaming NFTs.

So, if you are interested in early access to our legendary project, just contact Smuggle squad via the link to start building NFT collections and boost subscriptions on Smuggle.

Don’t forget your mission!

All you need to do is to:

  • Create gamified events for your community and followers to enjoy
  • Produce progressive, valuable, and outstanding content
  • Join us on a journey into a new NFT-driven Twitch creator economy
  • Be among the first of our exclusive club members and get your privilege!

How to become a Smuggler?

Easy as a damn! Just follow the checklist below:

  • Monetize your favorite creator support by collecting epic NFT sets
  • Receive special Smuggle rewards for your incredible contributions
  • Join the Smuggle community and dive into the biggest digital movement since dot-com!

Smugglers get free Loot Boxes for completing quests!

Every Loot Box is an NFT: you can open it or sell it on any NFT marketplace.

Opening a Loot Box is subject to a small fee — unless you have a key, which you can win by taking part in contests and other activities in the Smuggle metaverse.

What you can find in a Loot Box:

1. Character — one of your favorite streamers

2. Item — something used in streams or gifted by subscribers

3. Ability — a streamer’s special skill

4. Badge — a personal award that you can proudly display

And much more cool stuff.

Build the best collection and become a champion of Stream Wars — an exciting Smuggle trading card game that is coming soon.

More fun, more gains

In the Smuggle universe, viewers and subscribers play the lead role.

We call them Smugglers ‘cos they travel from one stream to another, collecting valuable prizes, just like in our native Metto

Smugglers complete quests (ranging from simple subscriptions to complex contests) and get rewarded with free Loot Boxes.

These Loot Boxes hide cool collectible NFT cards with exclusive content provided by streamers.

You can use the NFT cards both within Smuggle and other metaverses that support NFTs.

Thanks to a special Smuggle widget, you can watch Loot Boxes be opened in real-time during the stream! Earn rare NFTs and many more perks relative to your community activities.

You might be feverishly wondering what to do with these NFT collections and what is actually needed to join us?

You don’t need to be a geek to be into the Web 3.0 world of NFT & Crypto.

Just register a Web3 wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies, and NFT collections and use it for trades, donations, etc.

Choose any of suggested below:

  • MetaMask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • Trezor
  • Ledger
  • Argent
  • Trust Wallet
  • Rainbow

Perfect, you are awesome!

Tangible value for viewers through NFTs

Smuggle adds a new use case to the list: rewards for stream donors.

For every donation & subscription, a streamer rewards the donor with a non-fungible or semi-fungible token that can be sold for real money.

With time, many of these awards will grow in value. So, donating can become a profitable activity!

User-created content like video collections and memes will also become Smuggle NFTs that can be sold, generating a constant flow of value for non-streamers within the community.

Fans who spend hours every day watching streams, collecting content, and making GIFs or emotes will finally be able to monetize their time!

Moreover, they can be sure that their creations won’t be lost but instead will become a part of the immutable community heritage on the blockchain.

The best is yet to come!

So, according to our global view, that is the power of Smuggle:

  • suggests Twitch streamers using NFTs and gamification to boost their income
  • maximizing subscriptions through NFTs
  • introduces the app that gamifies the donation and subscription mechanics and uses NFTs as rewards
  • offering viewers and others a new way to earn — gathering NFTs as assets of digital collectibles when supporting favorite creators
  • just being fucking Dope!

Made by Smuggle Squad



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