Congratulations, Bernie Sanders! You Got the President Trump You Wanted.

Candace Kirby
Nov 15, 2016 · 4 min read

Yay! You did it, Senator Sanders. You successfully got the most hateful, childish, racist, xenophobic, willfully ignorant, openly sexist presidential candidate ever elected. And you’re obviously feeling quite pleased with yourself.

I’ve been watching your “I am the Savior of the Democratic Party and American People” victory tour, Senator Sanders, and, well, may I just interrupt your self-satisfied back-patting session with a few notes on your performance?

First, it was not Hillary Clinton’s failure to connect with “white working class people” (her very origins) that resulted in Donald Trump’s horrifying win. Nor, perhaps, was it entirely because of Comey’s partisan stunt (although I must note my father in Pennsylvania abstained from going to the polls because of the resultant innuendo, even though he voted for Hillary in the primary; I’m sure he’s not the only one).

Rather, it was in large part because of your ego, Senator Sanders, and willingness to burn down the party in order to further your own platform — a platform the majority of Democrats rejected in favor of Hillary’s more pragmatic, more well-thought-out plans for the country.

As you would say, let me be clear: it wasn’t the DNC that voted you out. It was the Americans who wanted Hillary Clinton to be president, not you.

When you stayed in the race, even with no mathematical possibility of being the Democratic nominee, and viciously attacked Hillary night after night, belittling her credentials, her ethics, her character — hypocritically so, considering you wouldn’t even release your own tax returns — and then allowed Trump to pick up those attacks and run with them…? THAT is when the most damage was done to Hillary. THAT is when you betrayed the Americans you claim to be fighting for, by purposely weakening Democrats’ candidate of choice, a candidate who would have worked her ass off for them — a candidate who’d spent a lifetime working her ass off for them.

To hell with the country for the next four years. To hell with women’s rights. To hell with LGBT rights. To hell with minorities. To hell with the Affordable Care Act. To hell with hard-working immigrants hugging their frightened children. To hell with climate change. To hell with the day-to-day safety of Americans, as long as you got your so-called “revolution.”

Well, bravo! You poisoned the minds of swing voters, you helped hamper voter turnout and you helped defeat Hillary to the detriment of millions! And, yes, a revolution is brewing…!

But it’s not your revolution to lead.

You are not the answer; in fact, you are a significant part of the problem —your tireless campaign to de-legitimize Hillary’s candidacy made it impossible for many of your supporters to embrace her. So now we have empowered White Nationalists, Muslims getting harassed on subways, Roe v. Wade and healthcare in peril, children who cannot sleep at night.

You don’t get to decide where we go from here.

Four million more voters chose Hillary over you, Senator Sanders. Hillary is on track to have nearly two million more votes than Donald Trump. The People have spoken — and we will not be dismissed. We will not silenced. We “loyal Democrats” will work not be cast aside or displaced.

We will not forget the part you so gleefully played in defeating the first female president, a bad-ass who’s advocated for children and women her entire adult life — or how you denigrated President Barack Obama even though he cut unemployment, raised incomes, created 11 million jobs and fought like hell for the Affordable Care Act — all in the name of entrenching yourself as an “anti-establishment” icon.

Here’s what we will do: We will carry Hillary’s torch. We will fight the hatred promoted by the incoming administration. We will not immediately reject candidates for DNC chair simply because they are long-time members of the Democratic Party, because experience doesn’t make you “establishment,” it makes you ready to hit the ground running. We will spread messages of hope. We will work to elect the right people in midterms. We will invite you to the four-million-member-strong Pantsuit Nation Facebook group, so you can witness the overwhelming enthusiasm and heartbreak for Hillary — a powerful movement that’s not fading way and whose collective voice can help effect positive change moving forward. We will rally around new leaders who bring us together, not further divide. We will implore you to drop the holier-than-thou attitude, in the interest of much-needed unity, and make a genuine attempt to find common ground.

We will tell you to stop “Bernsplaining” and wagging your finger at us, Senator Sanders. You may be pleased with yourself, but many of us are not pleased with you. We’re not going to smile politely anymore.


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