A guide to guided meditation

Meditation has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. One will find tons of articles and videos and other form of content when search on the topic online. However, this overwhelming amount of information also makes it very difficult for a novice to pick up the practice. To add more to the issue there are different forms of meditation. One often gets distracted and confused in choosing his path towards meditation. Here I have listed down the best three resources I have found useful in building up the practice:

Headspace: This is so far the best and simplest app that can get you in the habit of meditation. Forget the expensive courses. Technology has made it much more easier to take up this age old practice. The beauty of this app is in its simple approach and on hand guided experience that takes only 10 minutes of your every day.

1 Giant Mind: Once you are done with the headspace app I suggest you give this app a try. A bit more in depth yet brilliantly simple, this app has made meditation much more contemporary and is sure to grab the attention of this generation meditation enthusiasts.

Tara Brach: With gradual progression I would suggest you explore the guided meditations of Tara Brach a trained phycologists and meditation expert. You can find her guided meditation sessions on YouTube and also via her own podcast. One of the best one that works for me all the time is her “Letting life be as it is” session. You can find out what works for you. There are many to choose from.

With this simple and gradual progression you will soon be able to master the practice and will have enough self confidence to go and seek out more among the tons of content and information on the topic of meditation. And if any point you are overwhelmed just take a deep breath in and let a deep breath out, and you will know better. Its that simple! Peace!