Startup Culture: Disruption In The Way We Work

Technology has revolutionized the way we work. Today we wonder how people used to work without Google! Working without internet is an alien thought and many such changes took place as a result of technological intervention in our work process. The only constant thing about technology is it is always changing! Today’s flagship smart phone is backdated tomorrow and with hundreds of apps popping up every day we truly can’t predict our way of working in the future. But some things are sure to change:

Digital Nomads: With faster internet and multipurpose gadgets there is a shift in mentality towards the way we work. The millennial generation wants to experience life. Millennials are born from 1980–1995, nowadays are 21 to 36 years old. They prefer access (Zipcar, Airbnb) over ownership, have childhood experiences with technology and they saw a rapid increase in personal internet usage. No more they want a desk at their offices; they want to work from restaurants and cafes and at times from the warmth of their blankets in cold winter mornings. They are not saying we don’t want to work they are just stating the fact that gone are the days where productivity used to be measured by being present physically at office and by the amount man hour put in at work. They are not going to give up life for the sake of work. Companies are already adapting to it. Co working spaces are very trendy now. It’s cost effective and on demand only meaning you get more control over your physical space cost. Hub Sydney and Tank Stream are doing great in terms of designing “space for hire” that fuels creativity while ensuring comfort for the millennial generation. They meet up for meetings and after setting priorities and distributing works you get to work remotely.

Home Office: When it comes to remote working environment nothing beats home office. More and more people are creating a small space for their day jobs or side hustles. Freelancing has fueled these phenomena mostly. Apart from “on demand only jobs” such as designing, app development, content creation etc are done on project basis and deadlines. They are mostly outsourced to individuals who are specialized in these arenas and it doesn’t require a company say for example a bank to hire a fulltime web developer or designer. We will see more growth in “pay per project” in the future.

Collaboration: As many tasks and projects will be outsourced, collaboration will become more and more important. Maintaining relationship while working remotely will require future workers to be more competent in terms of communication and commitments will get more gravity. Keeping your words and maintaining deadlines will ensure access to future project.

With “facebook for work” rolling out we need to work on our way of working and redefine it accordingly. The future of productivity and work flow is shaping up the question is, are you?

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.