Looking Back On My ustwo Adventure

Me and Mills at ustwo adventure

It’s been two weeks since I headed back home after my week in London with Mills and ustwo. Enough time to let everything absorb and process in my brain. So, let’s look back at the best bits of my week-long ustwo adventure.

The People

I spent time with three ustwo companies — ustwo games, ustwo london and ustwo adventure — all three were overflowing with amazing people who were incredibly friendly, welcoming and willing to spend some of their valuable time with me. I don’t think I’ve ever met a bunch as nice as the ustwobies and their friends.

By the end of the week, I felt like one of the family. I had to hold back tears as I gave a shout-out to the whole company at ustwo’s weekly FAM.

The Learnings

From the moment I arrived in London, I was learning. On the first day alone, I met with 8 or so new people who had agreed to lend me some of their time to answer my questions and help me learn.

By the end of Monday, I had learned a lot about how design plays a role in a digital agency such as ustwo. I had learned the working differences between a Product Designer and a Visual Designer. And I had learned that Product Design and problem-solving design were where I wanted to be.

And that was all on the first day.

By the end of the week, I had a bunch of actionable learnings to help me improve myself and how I present myself through my portfolio. You can see some of the changes already live at www.samhutchings.co.

Meeting Millzfdi

Some of you may know Mills from his tweets, instagram or his JFDI podcast. If you do, you’ll likely already have evidenced his unique energy and way of communicating. It was something else, a whole other level, to experience this in person.

Mills is someone who is genuinely always energetic and enthusiastic. But, someone who is brutally honest when he needs to be. It’s a mix that means you’re learning and improving at a lightning pace.

And so much more…

There is so much I’m still working through. So many people I met who I’m keeping in touch with. And some things I just can’t talk about right now. I’m sure there are even things I’ve forgotten, as my calendar for the week was INSANE.

I feel like I levelled up so much just by spending a week at ustwo. And I’ve been so much more productive and optimistic since returning home from the trip. I can’t wait to see what I learned in that week, and the awesome connections I made with amazing people, will take me.

That, for now, will have to wait for the next chapter of my adventure.