The White Heat of Technology Burns Brighter than Ever

We are about to experience a social upheaval the likes of which has never been seen. Not since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries has technology bounded forward as quickly as it is today, taking the jobs of the poorest and most vulnerable in society with it.

Autonomous vehicles are set to revolutionise the way people and goods are transported, taking the jobs of millions of taxi, freight and bus drivers across the globe.

Robot-driven manufacturing gets ever-more capable, creating increasingly complicated products more quickly, cheaply and safely than people can.

Virtual assistants, though not quite as capable as their human counterparts, are increasingly complex and able to schedule meetings, reply to emails, and respond to everyday questions.

Each day, robots take more and more jobs, and the current capitalistic drive and intentions do nothing to slow this progress.

Yet, everyday, conservative governments across the world shout the virtues of employment and their ambition to get everyone a job.

The two ambitions are at odds with each other.

And the capitalism-driven advances in technology will win, in a system like we have today.

Change must come. Change will come. But, will it be for the better? Think about it as you design the world we live in, and as you vote.

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