This Duality of Mine

The central tenant to Robert Louis Stephenson’ Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the duality that exists with all of mankind. In his world-renowned story, this characteristic is amplified, with the goodness of Dr Jekyll and the malice of Mr Hyde appearing as distinct personalities, with one constantly at war with the other.

Within me, as with all of us, exists this duality. But, with me, it’s not between my good and evil sides. It is, instead, between two very similar but somewhat different aspects of me.


As a Designer, I aim to understand the problems that exist in the world and work optimistically and creatively towards producing solutions to these problems. I provide answers to the questions that exist in people’s heads, and this can be seen in my work to date.

The Z-House, for example, looks to answer the question of “How do we house the next generation?”. And the Informational Signage I created for the EKC Group answers the question “How do I use this new-fangled laptop locker?”.

Each required external understanding and research to understand the problem as it existed and iterative design of solutions to get to the right answer.


As an Artist, I aim to convey the state of things — inwards and outwards — in a way that provokes conversation and questions in the eye of the observer. I know what I want to convey, but I defer to you to interpret the work yourself.

This can be seen in the work I have done very recently and in more work that will be coming out over time. These pieces explore my experiences and how I perceive the world. They try to share these experiences and perceptions with you. But, they intend to make you ask questions, rather than provide you with an answer.