Task Analysis Storyboard Sketch: How to paint a room

The purpose of this entry is to outline a task analysis demonstrating how one living in SF with some roomies would go about painting a room. So I have identified my task analysis (via sketches) at the instruction of my current DesignLab assignment. Please note, my drawing capabilities are not the best, please don’t judge. :) Also, in this scenario, I assumed that the lease did not have any limitations that would prevent one from changing the color of the paint. (Probably an unusual scenario, but I went with it.) Okay, here goes!

Step 1: Realization of the need to paint a room — in this case the living room.

Step 2: Bringing this realization up to one’s roommates and getting their buy-in on this matter and their financial support.

Step 3: Research paint options, including colors and cost for supplies.

Step 4: Speak with roommates about paint options and decide on a color and receive funds from them.

Step 5: Purchase supplies from paint store.

Step 6: Prepare the room for painting by removing wall hangings, moving furniture, and putting down plastic tarp.

Step 7: Paint Room.

Step 8: Enjoy the newly painted room!

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